On September 8, the PGA Tour came to Geneva when AIC members teed off for the 4th Annual AIC Chand Kaul Memorial Golf Tournament on a sunny Friday morning on the lovely grounds of the Golf & Country Club de Maison Blanche in Echenevex, France.

The annual event commemorates the life of former AIC Executive Committee member, WHO official, and Geneva golfing fixture Chand Nairin Kaul who passed away in 2013. Kaul was a member of the Tennis Club of Geneva for more than 35 years and was a former Chair of the AIC’s Competitive Events Committee.

More than 20 AIC members and their spouses/partners answered the 8:30am tee-off to the day’s highly-competitive, but always-friendly event. Tournament organizer and AIC Sports Chair Mark Mason coordinated the event which employed the Florida Shotgun Scramble (or Step-Aside Scramble) scoring system – you had to be there to understand it – utilizing 4-member teams competing for a bevy of special prizes.

In the Shotgun Scramble format, all four players tee off, the best shot is selected, then only three players hit their second shots. The best of the second shots is then selected, and the player who hits it sits out the third shot; and so on until the ball is holed.

An aperitif followed by a scrumptious buffet lunch was hosted on the Club House terrace after the tournament’s conclusion, during which time the event’s prizes were handed out. In addition to the prizes listed above, numerous other prizes were awarded.

Maison Blanche Director Cédric Perret-Bory was on hand and thanked all the AIC participants. As in the past years, this year’s golf event enjoyed the generous support of La Tour Hospital’s prestigious Sports Medicine Clinic. La Tour Hospital’s is one of Geneva’s premier medical facilities and long-term supporter of the AIC.

See you next year!