Into the Unknown: Donald Trump and the Remaking of US Foreign Policy

In Cooperation with the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce, a special breakfast preesentation features Jack Caravelli, former member of the White House National Security Council staff and former CIA officer.


What is going on over there? And why? How does it affect us over here? And how much?

What can we believe is true? And what is fake?

Just a few of the questions which many of us have asked ourselves since the unprecedented events in the United States on the 8th November last year, and particularly since the 19th January.

The remaking of US Foreign Policy, to whatever degree that occurs in the coming few years, will have wide ranging effects globally. Switzerland will both be affected though naturally to different extents. Geneva with its large UN presence, may well feel the wind of change because of the new leadership in Washington, D.C.

Our Guest of Honour speaks with the deep knowledge gained from 25 years working inside the US Government, including the CIA, the National Security Council during the Clinton presidency and the Department of Energy.

He is a reputed author and very well-placed to provide insights and analyses about the remarkable events of the past few months, the people behind those events and what we might expect from them in the months and years ahead while President Trump is in the White House.

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Speaker: Dr Jack Carvellli
Speaker Dr Jack Carvellli

Jack Caravelli has been a high-level official inside the US Government for 25 years, including the CIA, the National Security Council during the Clinton presidency, and the Department of Energy.


Monday, May 15, 2017

7:45 a.m. - 9 a.m.

(GMT+0200) Europe/Zurich


Hotel Richemond

8-10 rue Adhémar-Fabri
1201 Geneva