2011 - The AIC celebrates 60 years of connecting people of all nationalities with a Gala Evening at the Hotel InterContinental on September 16th.


2008 - Successful re-lauched 4th of July at the Parc-des-Evaux in Onex, Geneva for AIC members, families & friends.


2007 - Nicholas Negroponte, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of MIT Media Lab, heads the CEO Forum. Ambassador Membership Category is successfully launched. New Director, Kirsten Stromstad, is appointed to take over from Pierre Imfeld. Official 4th of July at the Bout-du-Monde is cancelled.


2006 - Pierre Imfeld retires after 30 years of exemplary service, following his wife Patricia who retired in 2004.


2002 - First female president, Janet Voûte, elected for 2003. 50-year story is published.


2001 - 50th anniversary. 40,000 people attend the free 4th-of-July party.


1995 - Successful Corporate Partnership program is launched.


1994 - Adolf Ogi, President of the Swiss Confederation, sits in at an AIC Forum. Sir Peter Ustinov stars at the 500th luncheon.


1993 - First woman appointed to the Executive Committee.


1992 - After a survey showing member interest, the following are established: young professionals activities program, professional programs and seminars, multi-page newsletter, corporate partnership program, external club relations group and a Thursday evening Happy Hour.


1991 - 40th anniversary. The Club presents an ammonite to the Museum of Natural History.


1982 - Traditional formal 4th-of-July dinner-dance is replaced with themes like Château Shindig, Friday Night Fever, Helvetian Hoedown and Roaring 20s.


1981 - 30th

1980 - Election Night party joins in the excitement live on TV via satellite. Smash hit! Repeated in


1988, 1992, 1996 and (whew!) the longest night in 2000.


1979 - Membership eligibility clause changes from “all adult male individuals” to “all

adult individuals.” The purpose of the club now is a) to foster friendly relations among club

members and members of the community in which they live, and b) to develop and participate

in events, meetings and other activities of topical, educational, cultural, benevolent or

diversionary interests to the membership.


1971 - Executive Committee goes classic American with a president and 3 vice presidents, two always American.


1968 - The club adds “International” to its title to become “The American International Club of Geneva.” Associate members become non-American voting members. Full-time executive assistant is appointed.


1967 - Foreign non-voting associate membership increases to 40%.


1956 - Foreign associate membership increases again, to 33.3%. Civic concerns begin: the club gives Sfr. 1,345 to local charities. The first 4th-of-July picnic is held at the Parc des Eaux-Vives. First Thanksgiving dinner-dance is organized for 378 guests. First Election Night party is held at the American Community House.


1953 - Foreign associate membership increases to 20%.


1951 - Thursday, May 17: birth of the American Club of Geneva.