Additional possibility for current members: we also offer a "tag-on" membership at significant savings:



Individual Spousal:

For spouses who would like to be regular active members with full individual membership privileges. Advantage: The CHF 125 registration fee is waived.






The American International Club (AIC) and the American International Women’s Club (AIWC) begin a mutual membership drive!

If wives of AIC members join the AIWC as new members, the AIWC will waive its 50 franc registration fee. If husbands of AIWC members join the AIC as new members, the AIC will waive its one time registration fee of CHF 125.-. If members of the AIWC join the AIC as new members, their registration fee will be waived. This special offer will also allow AIWC members to join the AIC and take advantage of this waiver of their registration fee.